Ambarella A7LA50 chipset SoC includes a high-speed 700-MHz ARM® Cortex™ ARM 1136J-S Single HD (3MP, 1080p)


Jeilin Processor JL2190A Entry level

Netra Technology

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Highly Programmable Multi-Core Architecture

Our customers demand a flexible, programmable architecture that can be tailored for custom camera applications. Ambarella’s multi-core DSP architecture is highly scalable and strikes an ideal balance between software programmability, hardware-accelerated performance and low power.

  • HD and Ultra-HD encoding with extremely low-power operation for battery powered devices
  • Complete SoC solutions – embedded high-speed ARM CPUs and a complete set of on-chip peripherals
  • Multi-stream encoding for simultaneous recording and live streaming
  • Software programmability enables fast time to market with highly differentiated products

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